Practice what you preach

Like the painter that is behind on his yearly painting maintenance, I have been behind on my home IT. Not that I don’t try new stuff. I just don’t properly get around to do the setups right. It’s a 5pm to 9am job doing home IT. That means it has to compete with all the other stuff. Familylife, bandpractise , seeing friends and couching out some binge watchable streaming content.

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Undeniably this is related to what I in a previous post call “The age of the engineer” but I would like to focus a little more on the aspect of how we build better tools that help us build better tools to assist us in building better tools to make tools. Many projects I have been working on at home where just intended to gain some experience in some field. Whether it is learning howto connect to an API or building domoticz solution.

Infrasturcture as code

The story of automating the on prem infrastructure is one of working in the dark for a while. There is so much buzz going around about the cloud infrastructure. I am the last to say that the network is the shining light of the front runner in automation. On-premise networks are heterogeneous in nature and snow-flaked by design. They are more often historical grown multi vendor stitched environments than not. No true multi vendor deployment or management tools exist.

The Age of the Engineer

I never considered my self to be an original thinker. The main reason is because I never needed to be I guess. Original thoughts and ideas have been key drivers for innovation and invention for a long time. Where it used to be the stuff like the steam engine and electric lights that fueled the progress of the last century’s. Nowadays it is more about being able to find the right answers and implement them quickly.